Hi, my name is Ian. This page is dedicated to the various genres of electronic dance music, rave/festival/club culture, and the vibe and energy which we should all try and maintain when we have the opportunity to get Together As One (TAO). Partly inspired by my experiences at Symbiosis Gathering (a festival in California) and the magnificent event that is Eclipse Gathering (Oregon, USA 2017) I wanted to put something together that would keep me active and in-touch with the spirit of PLUR when I wasn’t at a rave or festival.

– Ultimately, any attempt to describe the rave spirit must come from what people actually experience at raves. These testimonials remind us that raving can only be truly understood through direct participation.
PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. These four ideals are often touted as the elements that make raves more positive and life affirming than other kinds of parties or club scenes.
– At the heart of a true rave there’s the pulse of something intangible; a positive unifying groove, a extraordinary feeling, a Vibe that transcends description.

The Spirit Of Raving – Hyperreal.org Archives

PLUR(R) – Let’s also acknowledge the second “R” which stands for “responsibility.” It’s often not cited, but nonetheless important. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but also to each other. Whether it’s the actions we take in the party, out the party, or after the party. Simple examples include: 1.) drinking enough water; 2.) making sure you’re adding to the vibe, not bringing it down; 3.) not getting too fucked up that you become a danger to yourself or others 4.) not making the block hot.

Dance music has come in and out of my life in waves. Sometimes I’m all up in it, other times it takes a back seat to adulting. The party I remember that really started it was in December 2008. I believe it was The Return Of Tronic @ Kelly’s Mission Rock. I saw John Beaver play. And since then electronic music and rave culture has occupied a special place in my life. In addition to electronic music/raving/clubbing/dancing, I spent a large portion of my life training martial arts. Primarily karate. I have also studied yoga, , and self-improvement.

Or if you have any suggestions on what/who you would like featured, please reach out.

CURRENT OBJECTIVE – The goal is to make 108 episodes with each one having some sort of charitable dedication.

2021 UPDATE – The majority of my episodes were posted pre-COVID-19. Having the same opportunities to create the episodes has been difficult since I could usually combine time-off/having a night out/creation all in one go. I will continue create episodes, but also hope to include my own work in addition to others 🙂

Let’s keep the party going ~ PLURR