A big thanks to No Fun for participating so early on in PLUR Gathering. Back then I was just recording episodes on my phone. Sorry the audio is kinda shit and it took so long to get out.

I first met No Fun at a meetup event in San Francisco called SF Music Producers. It was hosted by Pyramind. It gave me one of my first opportunities to kinda get out there, start networking, starting talking about music, and basically hang out with other people who are interested in doing something similar. That, I think is important.

During the meetup the host allowed for an introduction section where I publicly announced what I did with PLUR Gathering. And No Fun also happened to participate in the introductions and at some point in the evening I let him know about a party called Sunday Bliss in Oakland.

So we decided to meetup at Sunday Bliss, in August 2019, I believe. That’s where we recorded and had rockin time. Sunday Bliss is known for a more traditional house music party, I guess you could say.



June 16, 2020
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