During the early part of Quarantine (say April 2020), I found myself at work later than usual. I was brining dinner to eat with me so I could go back to work while I figured out how to keep everything going. This carried on for the first couple of weeks and on Fridays I would relax a bit, mirror youtube to the flatscreen and find something to rock to. That’s when I found Goop Wizard’s visuals for Champaign Drip’s Nocturnal Wonderland Mix. It was exactly was I needed. Something to mesmerize me and take my mind off of what was happening. Something that would remind of the of the experiences I had in the past at raves and festivals. The events were all cancelled then, as they are now. Clubs closed. No one going out. I decided for my health and safety I would follow the Quarantine as best I can.

And there I was, at work. Trippin out, in a trance, system on, levels up to as far as I could push without blowing anything up. It would be as close as I could get to party for a couple months. The mix wasn’t long, but it featured Champaign Drip, and I was on his jock after hearing Narshe on Spotify.

The visuals were crazy I thought to myself. A combination of objects, shapes, fractals, dragons, eyeballs, characters, all kinds of shit set in mirrored mode. Everything reacting relatively in-sync with the music.

My make-shift, personal rave had caused its intended effect. I felt a sense of satisfaction and release, the main sensations I pursue when I go galavanting about. If there was to be any vision of PLUR this would be it. This would be as close as I could construct with the resources I had.

And so as the effects of Quarantine became more prevalent I decided I would research and investigate how the visuals were made. I discovered that it was produced through MicrodoseVR, a project of Android Jones, a transformational artist. I must have have seen him at one of the Symbiosis/Eclipse Gatherings? Anywho, after googling and such and such I decided I needed to have access to this. So, I went about acquiring a windows laptop powerful enough to run MDVR and got myself an Oculus Rift S.

Besides MDVR, I play Superhot. The last game system I owned was a PlayStation 1 lol. I’m glad I got it.

After I do a MDVR session, I find that when I close my eyes I can still see impressions of the visuals I painted in the expansive environments. They are not exactly as I created though, there are almost improvised. Like my mind is struggling reform what is has seen in the MDVR and so it improvises from visions of other far-out experiences I’ve had out of VR. Combining them together.


June 25, 2020
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