I’m very thankful that as conditions with COVID-19 continue to evolve, live events, as well as other businesses, and the state of California adapt their guidelines. I recognize the importance of being safe, or at least being mindful that COVID is still out there and effects all of us – especially, when it comes to government-sanctioned lockdowns issued for public safety. At this time clubs in SF are requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

Personally, I’m still somewhat anxious when going indoors. When I get a drink I usually find myself making some attempt to get to a less-crowded corner of the room before lowering my mask to take a sip.

I think its a “point of PLUR” to take into consideration fellow dancers, taking care to be individually safe, knowing that I’m going to an indoor event. In my mind and heart, I hold this intention and hope fellow dancers hold it for me also.

In this episode, we find ourselves at Michael Liu’s Secret Psychedelica: Leo 2021. Our guest is Alastair James. We dig into Alastair’s background and discover his connection to the late Bill Graham of Bill Graham Auditorium (SF). We also get into gear, musical influences, his dream party, and discover talk about his podcast, Behind the Trance.



PLUR Gathering Ep. 012 – TRIODE

Sooo…it’s been a hawt minute. It’s been over a year since an episode was released, obviously because of the pandemic clubs and live events were shut down. Now that San Francisco has opened up, including the rest of California and the United States we find ourselves in this post-COVID-19 shutdown era with some venues requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to party. I am extremely grateful to Michale Liu for inviting me out on Saturday, July 17, 2021 to Secret Psychedelica – Cancer 2021 held at DNA Lounge in SF. My first indoor party since the COVID lockdowns were lifted. We had the opportunity to check-in with Triode after his set.

It really was nice to get out. It’s definitely something that I felt was missing from my social activities. The feeling of being around people, sharing music, dancing, seeing friends and making new ones. And while I’m still somewhat anxious of going into enclosed spaces with so many people, I find some comfort in wearing a mask 😷, others might not because they’re supposed to be vaccinated or whatever, but I think the important part is that I feel comfortable regardless of other people’s choices.

In this episode, Triode and I talk about his origin story, his fave track, as well as other musical influences. Also, you may notice my voice is not as clear and that was because I was still wearing my mask, you know, just cuz. I hope you enjoy.


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Background Track – Triode – Live @ Midway (2021)
10:40 – Triode –Till We Dance Again
14:00 – Inception Soundtrack – Mobassa

July 30, 2021
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